last puzzle peice being put in
Image of Arab men waiving to the camera next to their camels in the desert with the words

For His own reasons God has chosen to allow us the privilege of taking part in what He wants to do in many places around this world. Our Lord has called some to go and He has called some to lend support to those who go! Both are callings and both are central to the success of every mission. ACMI relies heavily, daily, on the direct intervention of the Spirit of God in each individual life. Our deepest desire is to encourage and walk alongside each of our teammates as they strive to live in the fullness of God’s calling in their lives by carefully seeking and then following His specific instructions in ministry. You can join us in a myriad of ways, but we are always looking for people to partner with us in these three specific roles: pray, give, or go.

picture of a little asian girl with her eyes closed with the word "pray"

image of a camel's head with the word "give"

image of a dock extending into the ocean with the word "go"