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Larry Renfro

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Larry joined ACM International as Executive Director in August, 2018.  Larry has opened a new ACMI office on the campus of Lincoln Christian University where his wife, Mandy, serves as Resident Director of Ruth Hall, the girls dormitory..  Larry and Mandy have many years experience in both local and overseas missions, here in the USA with Cookson Hills Children's Home and in Malawi Africa.  Now with ACMI, Larry has the opportunity to represent our work in nine different locations around the world, in many kinds of ministries. In several of our locations we have ministries working with Muslims. These missionaries have sacrificed dearly following the words of Christ to forsake friends and family for the opportunity to serve, and Muslims are coming to know Christ through their work. We also have discipleship and leadership teams in three locations as well as a ministry in Nairobi Kenya to street children. One of their own has grown to manhood and has planted a church in the slums of Nairobi.

Prior to coming to LCU the Renfros served in Malawi, Africa with Wellspring Ministries Malawi, Inc.  Larry set up and oversaw day-to-day operations of a local NGO specilaizing in well drilling in Lilongwe Malawi, corresponded with supporters and raised support for the ministry.  As Executive Director Larry managed operations of the well drilling.  He maintained funding and insured full accountability, maintained equipment and trained workers. He also worked with ministry partners drilling bore holes in rural areas in Malawi.

Larry's Vision & Passion:

My passion is in creating close relationships(another way of saying “making disciples”) with a threefold purpose:

  1. To reach more of the unreached.
  2. To replace ourselves. Again, this is best done through close relationships. Using John’s statement in John 3:30 “He must increase and I must decrease” is a way to make sure that I don’t start taking credit for Jesus’ work but to trust that He will carry the work on through someone else
  3. To teach others to do the same. When Jesus called the first disciples he said, “Come I’ll make you fishers of men”. His intention from the beginning was to replace himself and he taught the disciples to do the same. Paul also did “Missions” in the same way. Never staying longer than three years but finding others to carry on God’s mandate of the Great Commission.

Larry's Spiritual Gifts:

My spiritual gifts are seving, encouraging and/through teaching.  Besides teaching, I use music and working with my hands in “one on one” relationships. I believe that encouragement is the spiritual backbone to my service yet that is an area I am always trying to improve.


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If you would like to support Larry's ministry donations may be sent to:

Larry Renfro

P.O. Box 24

Lincoln, Illinois 62656